Keeping it clean in quarantine

Hello people!

So at the start of quarantine, I made a 17 page (moderate over-exaggeration) list of things we can do around the house now that we’re stuck inside. And one thing I added to the list, that I kept putting off doing pre-quarantine, was cleaning the white soles of all my cute sneakers. I saw someone post that they used essential oils to clean their kids sneakers and thought – hey – I can do that.

So, into the spray bottle went a capful of Young Living Thieves Cleaner PLUS a drop of thieves oil, two drops of lemon oil, and a small squirt of my Method Dish Soap! I filled the rest of the bottle up with room temp water. I used an old rag for scrubbing and it was definitely the better option than paper towels. A – sustainability; B – the towel itself FOR SURE helped with the scrubbing.

And check out the end result (well, comparing the dirty one to the clean one). CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE IT!


Sorry the picture sucks…

So now it’s a weekly project that I’ll never stop because it was just SO EASY! And I knew I wasn’t putting harsh chemicals on my shoes but I was helping them last longer by keeping them clean! Plus, smells pretty good too!

If you need some Young Living products – my sister sells them and she or I would be happy to talk about the benefits of oils, switching to plant-based cleaning products, and how easy it is to order!

I still buy a lot of cleaning products from the Method brand, because I know they’re clean and don’t test on animals, but I purchase them through Grove Collaborative because they offer a discount on almost all products (and then I don’t spend the extra $200 if I walk into Target!).  They carry clean brands with a focus on sustainability and the environment! If you use my Grove Referral link, you can get a 5-piece set of Mrs. Meyers cleaning products FOR FREE. I really can’t say enough about how much I love Grove!

Anyways, handy tip for the day! Keep them sneaks fresh!


Linny 🙂


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