A burlap wreath

Hello friends! I’ts been a million years, but I’M BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

Sharing with you, a year late, the burlap wreath I made for my girlfriend’s bridal shower. Her wedding was in Annapolis, MD so I decided to add an anchor to relate to our (slightly) nautical shower theme.

So, first I did some investigation. I found Yvonne at StoneGable’s blog the EASIEST to follow with very specific and clear directions. She also added pictures along the way (which I’m terrible at remembering to do), but alas, they’re there on her blog!

1 metal wreath form
2-3 packages 4 inch burlap – I made a large wreath, aka more burlap
Decorations, Ribbons


Feel free to get creative with the wreath ! Weave in some colored ribbons.Use one roll of patterned burlap to add some funk. Spice it up with embellishments. As you can see, I used navy , rubbed, satin ribbon to add some of the shower color scheme into the burlap wreath.

One big recommendation – BE PATIENT! I redid some parts of the wreath a few times before I was happy with the final product. I was also careful to complete one section of the wreath frame at a time, taking note of how much burlap and ribbon I used in each section trying to balance the fluff of the burlap out section by section.


Seen above, I was originally using less burlap for a softer wreath, but ultimately added more for a fuller appearance. I added the ribbon section by section to make sure it was balanced and integrated in with the burlap.

Yvonne notes: “Exposing the burlap wreath to the elements tends to make it droopy. If it gets wet, bring it in and let it dry. When it is dry fluff it up. If your wreath gets wet you can turn it upside down and dry it on LOW with a blow dryer.” GOOD TIP for those of you making burlap wreaths for a front door!

EMBELLISHMENTS TIP: If you GLUE your decorations to the wreath, or glue your wreath at all really, you run the risk of not being able to change or redecorate the wreath, as you can cause damage when removing.

anchor wreath 2

I’ve yet to get rid of it as I thought it turned out so well, I hated to throw it away. It’s free to a kind home located in my area 🙂

More posts on the full details of Carly’s Bridal Shower full shower details to come, as there was way too much awesomeness to be contained all in one post!!! Including incredible design elements from my “Aunt” that I MUST share because, well, she’s inspirational (and I’m not even engaged but cant wait to see what my shower will look like! P.S. Deb – hope you’re ready!!)





2 thoughts on “A burlap wreath

  1. I found this blog on a link posted on poshmark. Do you still have the scarf you have up for sale?

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