A Simple and Chic Wedding Shower

I met my friend Courtney over two years ago while we were students (both non-traditional) at Temple University’s School of Tourism and Hospitality management.  We both bonded over being old, feeling old, and our backgrounds in restaurants. Then we survived Senior Sem together, aka the hardest, most challenging, yet unbelievably rewarding class to ever exist at a university, EVER! Here’s us at the one and only TU football game I’ve ever been to (so far), coincidentally the only game TU Football won last season… you could call me their good luck charm. (You’d be the only one…)

football game


Courtney got engaged on the night of our college graduation. I did mention the “we’re older” part, so don’t freak out that she’s some 22 year old getting hitched right out of college, but I won’t share our ages, more to save me than her) Anywho, Courtney got engaged to her long-term boyfriend Steve and asked me to be a bridesmaid.  I’m blessed to live in a spacious home, perfect for hosting parties (much to the dread and dismay of my boyfriend who hates that I always host parties) so Court’s shower was at my house a few weeks ago. So let me stop your judgement right there and let you know it’s been a busy summer. Between housing a college kid, my newest nephew Lukey being born, a crazy hectic summer at work, my family being in town, wedding related stuff for TWO weddings I’m in (Court’s and Carly’s), and trying to have a relatively normal social life, I’m a scooch behind on blogging about everything I’ve been doing this summer.  Just means I’ve got plenty of ammunition to throw at you folks. So, get ready!

Back to the shower. Here’s me, Court, and the other bridesmaids during the shower

maids at shower

So I knew Courtney was really wanting some specific things at the wedding, or the shower, so being the crafting queen that I am (and actually finding myself with a bit too much time) I made some fun things for the shower. First up, just some framed quotes about love, something I knew Court wanted at the wedding. Two of the frames are from Ikea and are a few years old, the other two are super old frames that I just painted white.  Courtney’s colors are navy, grey, and white, so I printed the quotes in a grey with a simple heart outline. One of the quotes I used is the vows that Rachel McAdams says to Channing Tatum from the movie The Vow, “I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not, to agree to disagree on red velvet cake, and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.” To me, it’s a perfect explanation of the love that Courtney and Steve share, and it’s one of my favorite movie quotes for its simplicity and how much emotion it draws. Wipe those tears, here’s some fun photos of some of the party decorations. Oh, and my instagram frame as well 🙂

IMAG2728 IMAG2733 IMAG2719IMAG2726 IMAG2716  IMAG2735


For sure, my favoritest thing I did for the shower was make some burlap banners to hang.  These, I knew, would also double purpose as something for the sweetheart table at the reception, photo props, and something they could use to hang in their apartment if they wanted to. Now, you can take the easy (and more expensive) way out by purchasing a kit similar to this one. I however, wanted to try my luck at making my own. Lucky for me, the rolls of burlap were on sale at Michael’s for $3.99 each (I obviously bought a few extra for myself for a later use…) I bought the Ashland Burlap Garland in the tight weave, and it was PERFECT. I must warn you that the cutting did make a bit of a mess, so I don’t recommend doing it in your favorite work skirt, or somewhere that can’t be easily cleaned up with some light vacuuming. I started by cutting the pennants to the size I wanted, basing one off of the other (And I did go back and trim them once they were all painted). I also bought some acrylic paint for $0.69 a bottle, and a foam sponge brush, which i used in a variety of ways.  Here’s my supplies.

IMAG2673 IMAG2674  IMAG2677IMAG2675


So first I cut the burlap to size.  Then I trimmed the bottom to look like a pennant. Then I painted the letters/numbers/symbols/decorative design on each of the pieces.  I decided to make three: “Mr & Mrs” the date of their wedding “8.29.2014” and a simple decorative one (which I kept simply to use as a reference for the next time I make them). I didn’t use a stencil to write the letters because I couldn’t really find any that I liked.  So, if you’re going to freehand like me, BE PATIENT. I did make them small at first, and went back to fill them in with thicket outlines.  I used a sponge brush because it has a thin part, perfect for the original, and then I squished the sponge all the way down to make the letters thicker.  I then went back over each edge with the thin top to clean up the edging. For the polka dots, I simply turned the brush around, and used the bottom of the wooden handle to make those polka dots… also my favorite ones. Hence the extra banner that I kept for myself. I may or may not pull it out every now and then just to smile at it. Any tips or tricks you’ve used for painting on burlap? SHARE SHARE SHARE!!

Here’s all of the pieces laid out before I put them together on the ribbon. Warning, if you’re like my mom and thought these were the actual banners, DON’T PANIC. I do know how to spell and write the date correctly, which you can see in the finished product (moms… always so silly!)


I used simple white ribbon as the string. I pulled out my handy dandy glue gun, my crafting board, and got to work.  I flipped each piece over and wrapped the very top of the piece around the string (about an inch) using three dabs of hot glue. WARNING: I already told you once to use the high temp glue gun, and the burlap has small holes so I did get hot glue on my hands. My hands are relatively tough from years of carrying hot plates in a restaurant, and once I did a few, the glue acted as a nice barrier for the new hot glue. BE CAREFUL! I spaced about 1-2 inches between each piece and left about 3 feet of string on each side for hanging.  Here’s few photos of the banners laid out and then hanging up during the party.

IMAG2689 IMAG2687 IMAG2699IMAG2697IMAG2691 IMAG2692   IMAG2721IMAG2724

Here’s photos of Court and Steve under the Mr & Mrs banner. He was an incredibly good sport and let us decorate him in a wedding dress made of toilet paper. Keeper, right?

IMAG2743 IMAG2768


This was probably one of my favorite crafts I’ve ever made.  It was a long process, but I was so unbelievably happy with the results. Also, Courtney LOVED them so I can’t wait to see how they use them at the wedding! Seeing how excited she was about them made the project that much more special and fun!

Congrats to Courtney and Steve who get married a week from today. Can’t wait to celebrate the two of you in ONE WEEK!!!! 8.29.2014

And to you readers… happy crafting y’all!





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