My excuse for drinking so much wine

This is my best and oldest friend Carly. She’s more like my best friend slash cousin slash first “little sister”.  We’re at my sister’s wedding in this pic 🙂 And it’s perfect timing for this post because I’m going to see her tomorrow for bridesmaid dress shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

carly wedding

When she got engaged, I knew I had to make her a fun project out of corks because, well honestly because they were taking over my entire craft room. Worst part is, I still have about 200 more. And by worst I mean, please start making requests for cork craft projects.  I really want to try to make one of those hot plates. We’ll see. Oh, and please don’t judge me, I get them from restaurants and friends too, it’s not all from me drinking wine. Most, but not all. So I decided to make them a cork “J” since her new last name will be Jackson (We call them the Tiny Baby Jacksons for short). I ran over to Michael’s (which is slowly becoming a place I frequent more than Wegman’s and if you know me, you know my Wegman’s obsession runs deep). Back to Michael’s, which, by the way, sends weekly coupons if you’re on their email mailing list (amazing) and offers a discount to teachers (which technically I’m staff, but the ID works the same!) Love that place. Anyways, Michael’s has these awesome thin wooden letters. Absolutely perfect to use as the backing for the cork letter and were only $3.99. Not a bad deal.

wood J

So, I got out my hot glue gun, and let me pause here to recommend high temp because my low temp glue gun has caused me months of trouble trying to make a 2 foot project for my actual little sister’s boyfriend, that I actually am planning to rip it apart and start all over. I have this awesome idea I want to do for it, which will FINALLY complete the whole present, but every time I look at the half complete letter I want to throw it out the window. Like actually throw it. So, I’ve got a few ideas to fix it and will post once complete. Where was I? High temp glue guns. Right.

So I started out by tracing the letter onto my crafting board which is just an old cork board that I put under my projects so I don’t get paint or glue everywhere. I do still manage to get glue and paint all over myself, but that’s a different story. So, I mocked it up first to see how it would lay out, which makes it easier to create the letter. A little glue here, a little glue there… VOILA!

IMAG1634 IMAG1635 IMAG1636 IMAG0918

So in order to hang this, I ordered Invisible English Disc Adhesive Medium Plate Hanger Set from e-Barb’s Plate Hangers on Amazon. They’re legit the easiest thing ever. The glue is already on them so you just add a few drops of water, smush it around in the glue. Then let it sit for a few minutes, stick it on, and you’re done! (It comes with much more formal instructions, but I prefer mine).

IMAG1632IMAG1633 IMAG1637

Now I had it made for a long time, but finally got to give it to her at the surprise engagement party (the one with the filed rice krispie popsicles). I’ll hopefully snap some photos of it in their apartment.

So, when I finally get around to hating the letter for my sister’s boyfriend and finish the project I’ll add those photos too. For now, Happy Crafting!

Love ya’ll,


carly collage


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