Embraced my role as a wannabe interior decorator


I was SO LUCKY to get to visit my parents in their new home down south a few weeks ago.  How cute, right?!


They just moved in the middle of April and have been slowly setting up the house with furniture, pictures, decor pieces. It’s full of charm, a ton of outdoor space, and plenty of extra bedrooms… which is a good thing because my second niece or nephew should be arriving any minute now! My siblings and I all have our own bedroom decorated to fit our style, and they’re all so unique and cute! Now my mom’s obsessing over headboards, so I guess I’ll be taking another decorating trip down again soon.

So I went down to visit over Father’s day weekend, which was the weekend of my friend’s baby shower as well. Couldn’t be better timing! Below is a photo of me and my dad attempting to hang a tree swing, and another of my best friend, Julia, who’s expecting her first son with her husband in the middle of August.



It was so much fun spending time with my parents and friends from down south, but the best part of the trip involved visiting a TON of stores to find fun things for my mom’s house.  We went into high end home furnishing stores, thrift stores, antique stores, and spent the most time of all in Target.  The Target in Covington, LA has to be one of THE BEST Targets I’ve ever been to. Now, I’m spoiled in that a brand new Target is opening near my house in a few weeks, so my opinion might change then, but the one in Covington is HUGE and has EVERYTHING! I’m not going to share exactly how much money we spent (because my dad might have a heart attack if he really knew), but I will share some of the awesome sales we got!  For instance, that week Target had 20% off all rugs. ALL RUGS. My mom had previously brought home and tested out THREE from Pottery Barn, and purchased a few samples to see if she liked anything.  Nothing was feeling just right to her.  Then, we found this 7’x10′ (even though she kept getting 9’x13′ from Pottery barn) at Target for $87.99. I’ll give you a minute. $87.99. Stop it. The ones from PB were 10 times that price. $87.99. Even if she returned it later, we thought let’s put it down, see how it looks. It was less than $100, we’ll return it if we need to. Now, we also had just purchased a restored coffee table from a consignment warehouse, which probably helped the cause since it’s AWESOME! So here’s some photos of the rug and table.



Such an awesome match to the sofa. Great summer colors. I love it! Now, we obvi couldn’t leave target with just a rug… so here’s a few photos of some other things we picked up at Target, almost all the items were ON SALE! I always peruse the ends of the aisles as that’s usually where they put sale and clearance items. Cute summer bev naps, plastic plates for outdoors, candles, and of course a ton of party trays and serving bowls! We bought the hammered silver, and I LOVE it. A tray, 2 bowls, ice bucket. And those awesome plastic cups!



We also picked up some great accessories at the consignment and antique stores, so here’s some more photos of the house!


Hope this has been a bit inspirational for you all!  It’s certainly way more fun spending someone else’s money (sorry dad!) but now I can’t wait to do a ton of new projects at my house!

Happy decorating!

Love y’all,



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