How I turned my whole house into a pixie playland

Or so it seemed from look of my back patio, the clothes I was wearing, and my entire left hand. But we’ll get to that! So, I get to plan the sweet sixteen party one of my favorite 16 year olds! She’s smart. She’s brave. She’s a risk taker!!!!! And she knows what she wants… A GATSBY THEMED SWEET SIXTEEN! Oh man the ROARING 20’s… I was SO IN! So I went to Oriental Trading Co. and found come cool plates, fun candy, and some pretty inexpensive votives. I thought… how do I make these plain glass votives a little more… something! (especially since they’ll be holding battery-operated candles that look awful) GOLD GLITTER! I mean was there ever another option? Probably not.  So of course I’d seen it a gazillion times on Pinterest, but decided it was time to tackle it myself. (note: I recommend wearing gloves when spray painting. If you choose not to, I also recommend Lava soap to remove said spray paint from your pixie glitter covered hands. Not that I had that problem of course…)  So I ran over to Home Depot (and conveniently it was customer appreciation day. they were grilling hot dogs and giving out snacks and drinks for free! Who turns down a free hot dog when you’re shopping for glitter spray paint? Pas moi…) Back to Home Depot, grabbed the spray paint (and a few other things, because this place is like crack for a crafter/gardener…) and was on my way.  I used some painter’s tap to tape off the votives, sprayed my litter heart out, and well, you can see the results! I’m pretty pleased. My friend was helping me in an assembly line fashion, and although she’s very mean on a sewing machine… well, a few candles need a little more love… Anywho, here’s the results! Happy Crafting! (and again, I really do recommend the gloves… at least learn that from me!)

Love ya’ll, Linny

p.s. Party pics to follow next weekend!!


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