My first Pinata Cake!

So for my baby sister’s 26th birthday, a bunch of us were going out to dinner and surprising her! And I thought to myself, what better chance than this to try our making a pinata cake like I’ve been DYING to do.  I was SO excited to bake this cake and stuff it with lord knows what, but since Jilly (that’s my darling sister) is born at the end of January, and the stores were flooded with pink and red (her favorite colors) for Valentine’s day, I was pretty much sold on a pink, white, and red stuffing. I ended up buying pink, white, and red Wegman’s brand chocolate candies (have we talked about my OBSESSION with Wegman’s yet? I somehow find a way to casually bring up Wegman’s into every conversation like one would a boy crush. I’m IN LOVE with Wegman’s. Again, another story, another day). I also bought some Hershey’s in the Valentine’s day motif as well.  Stuffing, CHECK! So now I turned to (you guessed it) Pinterest to find my next latest baking conquest.  I found a recipe from Guru to the Outdoors for a “Moist Chocolate Cake” and added some mini chocolate chips as well.  I will say, it was a very moist cake!! As far as frosting goes, I found this baking blog “I believe in dessert” (how perf, right?) and borrowed her strawberry butter cream frosting recipe… TO DIE FOR! And so simple.  Plus, I had just gotten my new KitchenAid mixer for Christmas and try to use it as often as possible. So, I made 3 cakes, hollowed out the centers, stuffed them with the candy, a little icing here, a little icing there… Voila!  I feel like I should warn you however, that this cake in total weighted quite a few pounds.  However, IT WAS A HIT!  I’ve already thought of ways to improve on this recipe, like using a round bowl to bake in (with a flat bottom of course).  And maybe some lighter candy.  All in all, I was really happy with the end result, and so was my sister! Happy baking!

Love ya’ll,


Pinata CakeIMAG0200IMAG0217slicing cake

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