Pomp and Circumstance – a simple “how to” on a classically decorated graduate cap!

So it’s only been a few short months since I finally after a few cough cough 13 years graduated with my bachelor’s degree, but some of my best school friends get to become proud #TempleMade #STHMAlumni tomorrow, so I thought I’d share my awesome graduation cap with ya’ll. You know I love a good arts and crafts project and I actually pulled this off in about 15 minutes while sipping some rose before my family came to leave for the graduation ceremony. I used a lanyard from an event I volunteered for, some ribbon I had laying around (and by laying around, I obviously mean it was neatly stored in my “Ribbons” box in my craft room of course). Wait, have I told you about my craft room? I feel like that’s for another day… obviously it comes with it’s own organization system and creative storage solutions (as well as a pile of papers that I’ve still yet to file because well, honestly, looking at bills makes me sad). Anywho, back to my cap. A little ribbon, a little snip snip sniparoo, my handy dandy glue gun (mini of course, and yes, I do own three of them), and VOILA! My cap! All this glitter and quotes and “thanks mom” is a bit much for me, but I knew I wanted to do something, and a classic grey gingham ribbon with some cute accents is SOOOOOO more my style. After graduation, we hung it on the door to my house as a “welcome to my graduation party” – such a simple and easy door decor! And it was great, because everyone who couldn’t come to graduation got to see it! And that’s me and my boyfriend, couldn’t have graduated without his support. Then there’s me, right after we switched our tassels. OFFICIALLY AN ALUM! I was clearly not at all excited.  Welp, that’s all for now!

Love ya’ll, Linny!

IMAG0349 IMAG0357IMAG0415graduationm IMAG0376IMAG0416

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